Busy Season… Take a Deep Breath, and Email Me!

I’m a business owner (mom, wife and a bunch of other things) and sometimes I get overwhelmed. How about you?

I’ve said this before in a post but I love learning, so I’ve been reading many books lately and the one I’m currently reading has been giving me some great motivational support at a time when things are loading up and getting busy.

So I’m going to share one of my favorite points from my most recent read:

“Most of us go through life as failures because we are waiting for the ‘time to be right’ to start doing something worthwhile. Do not wait. The time will never be “just right”. Start where you stand, work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, 2005)

So here is where I start!  I’ve been thinking about this idea for awhile now, but I’m starting.  I love to teach, counsel, help and see other’s grow – in whatever part of life or business it may be.

You are a busy and growing photographer/creative/artist/designer (insert own description).  I want to help!  Do you have questions about what to do with your prints and packaging?  Do you wonder how you can make a better impression on your clients so you can get more bookings? Do you not even know where to begin to look like you have it all together?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, email us at hello@kraftandjute.com and say HELP!  Ask us your questions, my team and I here to help/teach/counsel.  I’ve thought about putting together a formal type of program for this, but right now I’m just Starting Where I Stand!

Let me know if I can help!  Or if this type of service is valuable, wasteful, or a pipe dream!

Jumping In,


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Lynette Smith Photography – Wenatchee, Washington | Featured Packaging

Name/Business Name: Lynette Smith Photography
Email: info@Lynettesmith.com
Website: http://www.Lynettesmith.com

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I photograph weddings, engagements and senior portraits.  I also love photographing wild horses, cowboys and dust!  I’ve been in business for over 15 years and moved to full-time photography 3 years ago. Continue reading “Lynette Smith Photography – Wenatchee, Washington | Featured Packaging”


Featured Photographer: Beth Forester Photography – Madison, WV

Business Name: Beth Forester Photography
Email: beth@foresterphoto.com
Website: http://www.foresterphoto.com

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I have been in the business for about 19 years.  Although I am known primarily for my Senior work I run a full-time full-service studio shooting seniors, events, children, families, and babies.

Continue reading “Featured Photographer: Beth Forester Photography – Madison, WV”


Jordan Brannock, Mount Airy, NC | Featured Packaging

Name/Business Name: Jordan Brannock / Jordan Brannock Photography
Email: jordanbrannock@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jordanbrannock.com

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I shoot all kinds of photography including university work, but mostly weddings & families. I’m really starting to focus on lifestyle work. I’ve been doing this for about ten years but decided to 100% go out on my own on about 3 years ago. Continue reading “Jordan Brannock, Mount Airy, NC | Featured Packaging”

Frankie Photography | Featured Photographer

“Delivering or mailing a wedding package is delivering your final product, and you want your client to be excited about the whole package and leave a lasting impression. I think your packaging shows how much you care about what you do and the products inside.”- Frankie

Frankie Photography, LLC.

Detroit, Michigan

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I am a wedding and portrait photographer, and have been in business since 2011.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: I think it’s been about a year!

What steps did you go through when creating your packaging? Any advice to photographers beginning to use packaging?: I had a hard time finding the perfect packaging for my business until Continue reading “Frankie Photography | Featured Photographer”

Bailey Warren Photography | Featured Photographer

“Let your creative out.”

Bailey Warren Photography

Rochester, Indiana
http://www.baileywarrenphotography.com  Continue reading “Bailey Warren Photography | Featured Photographer”

Wildflower Photography | Jessica Brees Featured Photographer

“It’s so easy to get caught up in what you see online, but steer clear and stick to what you love! Your ideal client is most likely very similar to you, so choose things you would love receiving and they will love it too!”

Wildflower Photography
Jessica Brees Featured Photographer

Aurora, Colorado

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: Lifestyle Photography for Weddings, Families, & Children. Slowly growing since 2010. Continue reading “Wildflower Photography | Jessica Brees Featured Photographer”

a traveler’s heart photography | Melissa Cross Featured Photographer

“When they see our packaging, they see our value. It is always the little things, and packaging contains a lot of little things.”

Melissa Cross
a traveler’s heart photography

Continue reading “a traveler’s heart photography | Melissa Cross Featured Photographer”

Johanna Dye Photography | Featured Photographer

“I was told that getting their final package made them feel like unwrapping a present, and so much more excited.”

Continue reading “Johanna Dye Photography | Featured Photographer”

You Learn From Everywhere

I know what my answer would of been years ago in my late teens…yeah right! If it wasn’t something that appeared to be directly related to what it was I was involved in at that exact moment, then it was a waste of time.

Fast forward a few years (not going to tell you how many, but enough!) and WHAM-O! I learn from all over the place, most of the time in the least expected place.  And I love it!

Continue reading “You Learn From Everywhere”

R.I.P. Little Buddy!

Well it happens to all of us, we eventually lose something that was there for us, that we grew to love, that we sought out above all others!  It happened to me this weekend.

This weekend, while attending a marketing conference (good things did happen there, read here), it happened… my little blue buddy, my most favorited of all times, the one that traveled with me from place to place, the one that I held in secret from others finally said, “I’ve had enough!”



You my favorite pen will be missed!

Isn’t it crazy how we get attached to certain things, small things, and for a moment when they break there is real sadness.

I want to hear what other small, non-animate objects have you become attached to?

3 Tips for Client Meetings

Welcome April! Be gone snow and cold. Here in Northwestern PA we’re finally starting to get nice weather, which means it’s time to meet with clients, book spring and summer sessions, talk to newly engaged brides, and get outside! Are you prepared for the new season?

Continue reading “3 Tips for Client Meetings”

Valerie Jane Photography | Featured Packaging

Name/Business Name: Valerie Jane Photography
Email: valeriejphoto@gmail.com
Website: http://valeriejanephotography.pixieset.com
Where are you located?: Mattoon, IL

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I shoot mostly nature, outdoorsy photos for families, newborns and couples. I love the natural elements and the way the sunsets look in my photos and against skin tones. I’ve been in business for a little over a year, I sort of hit the ground running!

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