The Skinny on International Shipping from Kraft and Jute

It seems like we have been getting a few more e-mails about our international shipments taking long…. and people having to pay duties and taxes when they go to pick up their package!

I want to address what’s going on, and let you know what to expect. Let’s clear up some confusion!

We have decided to offer United States Postal Service as our primary carrier for domestic and international shipments because they have the best prices available. (We love UPS, but they are anywhere between $50 and $150 MORE for shipping!)

Our normal turn around time for your order, once it has been approved for personalized orders, is 7-10 business days. We hand-stitch everything; each item is made to order. Once your package is ready to be shipped, the International USPS Priority Mail package usually takes 6-10 business days to arrive at your doorstep, clear across the world.

However, if your package stops in customs, it can take another two weeks! Yikes! Unfortunately, we have no control over this. Once it crosses the United States boarder, it is in the hands of your country. They may also add a duty tax to import the goods.

We will do everything we can on our end to make this a great experience for you! But if you are ordering from another country, please please  be advised that you may be waiting longer than expected and you may have to pay extra duty taxes.

We require everyone to agree to our Terms and Conditions before checking out.

I have considered not even offering our products to anyone outside of the United States, but we have had so many amazing customers from Australia, Canada, Europe and more, that I would hate to dis-continue service to them.

We absolutely LOVE our customers – no matter where they live! We hope this will clear up any confusion and look forward to working with you!

~ Jessica, Melisa, Kristie, Barb, Kelly and the rest of our Sassy Stitchers



4 thoughts on “The Skinny on International Shipping from Kraft and Jute

  1. I personally don’t mind the waiting, and even though I also have to pay the import tax here in Holland, I still think the products are more than worth it! Every customer that has gotten their dvd in one of those pretty corrugated sleeves has loved it, so I’m a happy photographer! 🙂


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