Should Kraft and Jute offer USB drives? We NEED Your Input!

Kraft and Jute is all about making it easier to find the perfect packing for your business. We currently offer Discs and Kraft Sleeves for your digital negatives, however, we can’t help but wonder if we should be offering USB drives too?

Here’s the dilemma.

  1. USB drive companies are everywhere. They are on every internet street corner and there are thousands of colors and styles to choose from. Honestly, it’s completely overwhelming to look at and very time consuming to choose.
  2. The minimum order is high: 50 or 100. Do you really need to purchase 50 at a time? That’s a huge expense for you.

Here’s our solution:

  1. We find the perfect Kraft and Jute approved USB drive. You don’t need to “google” for HOURS, trying to find the perfect solution; it’s already done for you.
  2.  The minimum order would be ONE. You can easily add it into the cart along with your other Kraft and Jute packaging goodies.

The Skinny: What we’d be offering

  • 8 Gig drive
  • Wooden USB – size 2.25″ high by 1″ wide
  • Non-personalized
  • Magnet in cap to easily hold the two pieces together
  • Conforms to the RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances)
  • FSC certified so harvested from responsibly managed forests worldwide.
  • Price Range: $16-$18 ish per 8G drive
  • Personalized Packaging for the USB drive – still working on this… but we have some fun options in the works!

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We need your feedback!

We have some questions that only you can answer. We’re not 100% sure yet that we need to offer the USB drives and your feedback will help us make the best decision.

Please take a few moments to take this poll!  And please leave extra comments below. Kraft and Jute has been built on the feedback of our customers; YOU are the ones who help make Kraft and Jute a success! And for that, we thank you!

You may select more than one answer, if it applies.


9 thoughts on “Should Kraft and Jute offer USB drives? We NEED Your Input!

  1. I do 8GB USB drives that have a wooden case. The Bride and Grooms names and wedding date are engraved on the flash drive. It comes in a 4x4in wooden box that has my logo engraved in it. The total package costs me $29 with shipping per drive. I prefer USB to DVD because they are more reliable. The feedback from my clients has been great.


    1. That’s great; and you can order one at a time? – since you have the bride & groom’s name on each one? And yes, discs aren’t 100% reliable.. but USB drives are so much more expensive… pros and cons of each!! Thanks for your comment!


  2. Is there a hook on the end where a little keychain could be attached? It seems really small and therefore very easy to lose! That’s my only concern. I would definitely buy it though. After paying for labels, stickers, paper, and making the case, this seems much easier if it comes prepackaged, too!


    1. it would definitely save a lot of time and brain power – trying to think about how to package it, etc.! It does have a little circle on the end to attach a keychain… i’m not certain we’d provide the key chain?


    1. Thanks for writing! WE LOVE hearing from you! I need to put together a blog post with an updated decision about carrying USB drives. Right now, we just don’t see it being a good fit for us. We will provide some packaging options for them! But carrying USB drives probably won’t happen at this time. 😦 It’s too expensive for us – and it would be less expensive for you to just go directly to the USB makers. We WILL be adding a few links to some products that we have found – and companies that have been great to work with!


  3. I would love this! I’ve been looking into USB drives for a while, but its way too expensive to order in those large amounts like you said. This would be a great solution for me. Only i would prefer a smaller drive, preferable 2GB and 4GB…


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