The official update on USB drives and packaging!

Hello friends!  This blog post is a long time in coming. Melisa and I have talked until we were blue in the face (we should have gotten an Instagram photo and posted it) – and we have decided that carrying actual USB drives is not in our our your best interest.

First of all we have not been able to find a supplier that would be able to give us a good enough discount to pass along to you. If we did carry USB drives, we would have to charge way too much. Because of this – we decided to just send you directly to one of the companies we contacted!!  We loved their wooden USB drives – and check with them first – but I think they can offer lower quantities (as in, less than 100).

As for this wooden “nature” model USB drive that we personally like  (there are thousands to choose from! ) – click on the picture to be taken to – it links directly to this for more information.  I spoke with Ryan Joyal at Flashbay – and he’s super great to work with!  If you do contact him, tell him Kraft and Jute sent you!
Ryan Joyal – Sales Account Manager

Second of all, we have decided that even though we cannot offer actual USB drives, we would offer packing solutions! Please allow us to introduce the USB pillow box; and yes, it can be personalized. It also comes with 1 piece of kraft tissue paper (we really can’t fit any more than one piece in there!).

We LOVE our Kraft and Jute customers!!! As two moms who have a million other things going on (I’m sure you can relate) – our number one goal is to provide AMAZING customer service and simple, beautiful products. Please contact us anytime with your thoughts or questions! We love hearing from you!

~Jessica and Melisa and the rest of the Kraft and Jute staff


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