Burlap Album Preview Video! Need Your Input

Hey creative Kraft & Jute friends! This is something you have been asking for a while now. Quite honestly, the right burlap material, design and buttons just haven’t come together… until now!! We finally have a prototype to show you and we need your feedback before we officially offer it in our shop.

This video features our 6×6 Burlap Album Cover. It is adjustable to fit any thickness, and you can tie the hemp string in a number of different ways. We would like to offer different album cover sizes such as an 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 – and more? We have decided to not add personalization to the album covers; we like them very simple – and ready to ship!  Plus, the logo tag just doesn’t look good stitched on above the button.  🙂

Leave a comment on our facebook page, this blog post or the actual youtube video page; we will see it! Or of course, you can always contact us via orders@kraftandjute.com.  Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!  ~ Jessica and the Kraft & Jute team.


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