What Is Jute?

Jute Background[photo by Philippa Willitts]

Jute… it’s more interesting than you might guess!  We love jute here at Kraft & Jute, and have learned some significant info about jute that makes us love it even more.  Jute comes from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant.  It is grown with a minimum of fertilizer and pesticides.  Primarily grown in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, the plant prefers warm, wet climates.  Jute is also known as hessian cloth or burlap, and not only is it a recyclable material, technically, it is also edible!  A general description is that it is a coarse fabric, with a wide weave and a natural beige coloring.  It is highly degradable, and will actually disintegrate if you leave it outside and allow it to return to the earth.  And yet, it is a strong material that makes for long-lasting products.  And one of the best facets of jute is that purchasing jute assists economies and industries in challenged areas.  We love it because it looks whimsical and natural, especially paired with our kraft paper products.  The extra touch of jute and the natural beauty of burlap make every presentation look just right!

Preparing jute

[photo by Arttu Manninen]


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