2013 Conferences and Seminars List for Photographers

Who’s ready for 2013’s conferences, seminars, and conventions?  There are so many great opportunities to join with our colleagues in the photography community, we can’t possibly get to them all.  But for your convenience, here is a starter list of some of the events that we have been in contact with.  Feel free to help us to expand our calendar!

Imaging USA – Atlanta, GA  Jan 17 – Jan 22.

Inspire Photo Seminar – Sturbridge, MA  Feb 11 – 13.

WPPI Convention – Las Vegas NV  March 7 – 14.

Photoshop World Conference and Expo – Orlando FL  April 17 – 19.

Canon Seminars – various locations.

Photoplus International Conference and Expo – NYC  Oct 24 -26.

Horizon Photography Workshops – various locations, December 2012 thru May 2013.

and of course many many more… contact us if you would like to add your conference here as well! e-mail us: hello@kraftandjute.com


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