What does Groundhog Day have to do with my business?

You’re a photographer.  Does Groundhog Day have anything to do with your business?   Well, maybe not… but maybe it does!  The holiday is possibly based on Candlemas Day, which predicts whether the year will drag on with a second winter or just one.  Essentially, that big weather-predicting rodent is influenced by light; a clear winter sun causes his shadow to appear, and portends six more weeks of winter for the rest of us.  Which seems a little backward, wouldn’t you say?  But the important point is, it’s light that makes the season for him.  And is there anything that has more influence than finding that elusive perfect light for your work?  There may be a thousand blogs and posts about light, light, light.  Sunrise light, sunset light, it’s too brief, and there’s no way to control it.  But when you do capture it, it can be awe-inspiring.  Just like the Groundhog, we’re hoping for the perfect light but totally at the mercy of nature when our scheduled time arrives!

Of course, here in Pennsylvania, we’re personally acquainted with Punxsutawney Phil, and we’re always hoping that February 2nd is cloudy.  A cloudy day means no shadow, and no shadow means the end of winter!  As much as we love it, winter has been known to hang around here into May, so we’re happy if it wraps up by the end of March.

What’s the other connection between Groundhog Day and your business?  Groundhog Day has become a term that means re-living an experience until you learn to do it right.  Have you ever had a session that you wish you could go back in time and totally re-do?  That’s when a good Groundhog Day would be handy.  With that in mind, perhaps it’s smart to take the first week of February to re-think the experiences from last year that proved extra challenging, and think about how to not repeat them this year.  What plans can you make now that will assure better results for 2013?  Even after a great year, there’s always room for reflection and improvement.  Consider making Groundhog Day your day to re-think, re-organize, and re-plan.  Affirm your best practices, and change up the ones that aren’t your best.

Good luck, Groundhoggers!  We’re mentally reviewing our standard operating procedures, personal and professional, right now.  If you’re doing the same, feel free to share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.  We’re always ready to learn from our friends!  And from that pesky Groundhog, too!


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