Become a Kraft & Jute Featured Photographer

We LOVE to see how customers are personalizing their own Kraft & Jute goodies to “WOW!” their clients with a perfect presentation. By sharing ideas of how you personalize your Kraft & Jute Packaging goodies, we are helping others get inspired on how they can “WOW!” their own clients.

Here’s the skinny: every week we choose a photographer to be featured on the Kraft & Jute blog that loves showing off how they get creative when personalizing their own Kraft & Jute Packaging. Want to be a featured photographer and join in on the inspirational fun you say? Follow the instructions below!

  1. Fill out our fun-filled, informational, yet short interview questions by clicking here.
  2. E-mail product photos showing how you add your personal touch to your Kraft & Jute Packaging to: These photos will not only be used in the blog post, but they will help us decide which photographers to feature so the more creative you get the better!
  3. When featured, we will link the blog post back to your site and would love if you could link back to us as well!

To kick things off, check out the interview and photos below to see how our pal Rachel Lewis of Aniya Jade Photography is adding her own personal accessories to her awesome Kraft & Jute Packaging. Thanks for being our first featured photographer Rachel!

Name: Rachel Lewis
Business Name:
Aniya Jade Photography & Design
Email Address:

Where are you located?: Colorado Springs, CO

type of photography do you shoot? How long you have been in business?:

My primary focus is newborns (I could snuggle them all day long!) but I
also photograph babies to a year, maternity and the occasional couples
🙂 I have been in business for 2 1/2 years but part time run my
design business as well so photography clients are limited to weekends
for me.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: January 2013!!

do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging?
Anyone ever pass out? 🙂

I have had a mother in awe of my packaging and
say she was going to use my corrugated box as her sons keepsake box!!

your favorite Kraft & Jute Packaging product that you can’t live
I would have to go with my Corrugated Box, perfect for my
items I offer and it just sets my brand over the top!

advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?:

Sooo cliché,
but practice. And NEVER compare yourself to other photographers, its a
hard battle everyone has but as soon as you stop worrying about what
others are doing you will find you appreciate and value your work more.
There has been a quote going around and cannot think of who said it but
I know I took it to heart, goes along the line of “The only photographer
you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be.”

is your most used Photoshop (or Lightroom) tool, plug-in, or action set
First off, LOOOVE my VSCO presets for Lightroom! I use them for
almost every image but lately have been playing around with Michelle
Kanes new set 😀

If you and your camera were invisible for one
day, what would you shoot?:

Aside from my children (they never let me
shoot them anymore *sigh*) I would probably shoot street life. Something
about raw emotion when the subject doesn’t know your there really
captivates me.

We want the good stuff here, so don’t hold
back. Tell us a story of something funny, embarassing or suspenseful
that happened during a shoot.:
Oh man, when haven’t I embarrassed myself
on a shoot…. I always seem to *almost* fall – every. single. time. –
and then my clients will make a fuss, its almost worse than not falling.
And of course, me being a ginger, my face goes beet red! HAHA
I must admit (dont tell my husband!!) my kids inherited their clumsiness from me.

split your pants or get injured all in efforts to capture that special

Thank goodness no!! Almost fell into a NASTY fish ladder river
trying to stand on a wobbly stone to get that perfect shot though!

you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking,
would you join the fun?:

Yes of course…. I cannot say I’m the most
cute or graceful skipping though!

What is your current state
of mind after completing this survey?:

I want to go downtown and shoot
the street folk…. while skipping 😉


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