Featured Photographer: Adele Schaefer Photography – Erie, PA

This weeks featured photographer not only has a passion for photography, but she is also passionate about raising wild animals. (See photo of Bambi’s cute cousin, Rosie, below!) The name Adele Schaefer may ring a bell if you have ever ordered from Kraft & Jute. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this week’s featured photographer is one of our own. Order processor extraordinaire by day, photographer by night, Adele Schaefer of Adele Schaefer Photography will do it right! Check out our fun-filled interview & photos with Adele below, as well as information on how YOU! can become a Kraft & Jute Featured Photographer. – Happy Packaging!

Name: Adele Schaefer
Business Name: Adele Schaefer Photography
Email Address: adeleschaeferphoto@gmail.com
Website: www.adeleschaefer.com
Where are you located?: Erie, PA

What type of photography
do you shoot?
How long have you been in business for? My main focus is
High School Seniors. I have been in business for almost a year now.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: October 2012!

do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging?
Anyone ever pass out? :):
No one has ever passed out, but when I hand them
their images you can just tell they love it! They ask where I get it
from and are always so impressed.. Which makes me feel awesome!

your favorite Kraft & Jute Packaging product that you can’t live
Hmm, how does one choose?! I’d probably go with the Keepsake
Boxes and Single Sleeves. I deliver my images wrapped in the tissue
paper then placed in the box. Along with a hand written thank you card,
and some candy. 🙂

Best advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?: Not so much advice, but an awesome quote. “Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” Says it all.

you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?:

Wildlife with their young. I’ve always loved watching and seeing how
they interact. Not to mention, they’re so adorable.

We want
the good stuff here, so don’t hold back. Tell us a story of something
funny, embarrassing or suspenseful that happened during a shoot.:
This story isn’t too funny, kinda embarrassing, and just really scary! I
was second shooting a wedding with one of my friends, and we had gone
the day before to scout the location and meet everyone at the rehearsal
dinner. I was there with my camera doing some test shots, and all of a
sudden this error message pops up on my screen. I can’t remember exactly
what it was… but needless to say my camera had stopped working!
Something was wrong inside and the shutter wouldn’t move. I was just
starting out and didn’t have a backup camera yet (opps!). Now I’m a Nikon girl, but it just so happened my friends mom had a Canon DSLR (thank goodness) that I was able to use! Lesson learned- have a back up.

split your pants or get injured all in efforts to capture that special
Nope! (Knock on wood) Hopefully this never happens!

you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking,
would you join the fun?:
Heck yeah I would! Unless I felt like being the
odd one out that day. 🙂

What is your current state of mind after completing this survey?: Happy!

in becoming a Kraft & Jute Featured Photographer? Want to join the
inspirational fun? Follow the instructions below!

  1. Fill out our fun-filled, informational, yet short interview questions by clicking here.
  2. E-mail
    product photos showing how you add your personal touch to your Kraft
    & Jute Packaging to: hello@kraftandjute.com. These photos will not
    only be used in the blog post, but they will help us decide which
    photographers to feature so the more creative you get the better!
  3. When featured, we will link the blog post back to your site and would love if you could link back to us as well!

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