Recycled and Eco-Friendly? What it means when you buy from Kraft & Jute

“Recycled Content” – what does it mean when you order from Kraft & Jute?  We had to investigate to get a real answer to this question.  Initially, our paper was recycled content, but it had a variable quality. Sometimes we received really thick paper that horrified our printers and other times we received more of an ugly gray color that horrified us.
In an effort to maintain consistency for our customers, we elected to purchase our supplies with a measure of regular color and appearance.

This quality of our kraft paper is vigin paper – it provides the consistent brown color, and the fiber content and thickness is more regular.  It also means it is just that – virgin paper.  So while we recycle and repurpose as close to 100% of our scrap papers as possible, it starts as virgin kraft paper.

Our other product line uses a corrugated kraft paper.  Our line of corrugated print sleeves and keepsake boxes are made from nearly 100% recycled paper and materials.  The jute (which encompasses our burlap) is an all-natural fiber that is
actually biodegradable – and even edible, if you are so inclined!

Our use of jute products helps to keep industries in struggling economies viable, and promotes the use of natural products.  We are an eco-friendly company and our motto is to be Simple and Beautiful, and to only create with products that fit into our natural vision for our company.  It’s a good choice for our environment, for our customers, and for our work.

We’re always striving to find new ways to use the most natural, eco-smart materials, processes, and resources in our production.  The result is products that convey our natural theme and help to promote healthy choices for our environment and our community.  We hope you love them just as much as we do!


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