Prepare to be inspired! Featured Photographer: Erica Clark Photography – Macomb, Illinois

Lace, red & kraft, OH MY! This weeks featured photographer, Erica Clark of Erica Clark Photography, is taking our products to a whole new level by adding her own creative accessories to her Kraft & Jute Packaging. WARNING: Product images below are extremely inspiring and are so cute they will make your mouth drop! Check out our fun-filled interview with Erica & her amazingly-cute, highly inspirational, product photos below!

Name: Erica Clark
Business Name: erica clark photography
Email Address:
Where are you located?:
Macomb, Il

type of photography do you shoot? How long you have been in business?:

My focus is on weddings, boudoir, and families. I also shoot corporate
events just to keep it interesting. 😉

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: January of 2013

do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging?
Anyone ever pass out? :):
No smelling salts needed, but super close.
It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been called, texted, emailed,
about how much clients LOVE the packaging. I’ve even seen my packaging
Instagrammed by clients. Pretty cool to be scrolling through your IG or
FB feed and see your packaging posted by a giddy bride!

your favorite Kraft & Jute Packaging product that you can’t live

I have to say, without a doubt, it’s the cd/dvd sleeves. Most
of the time, I don’t even use them for that. I have so much stationary
printed on 5×5 paper, that I use the K&J sleeves as a little
‘housing unit’ of sorts for anything that a client will receive that is
in a 5×5 format. I use them for client care cards, printing releases, gift certificates, and of course cds/dvds.

advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?:

There is NO
secret answer to a good image. It’s a compilation of techniques.
Sometimes I think that people who are new to the field of photography
think that if they just get the right equipment, or good editing
software, or an action set, etc. that their images will look the way
they want them to. The truth is, it’s all of those things, but it’s so
much more. Dedication and practice are key!

What is your most
used Photoshop (or Lightroom) tool, plug-in, or action set etc.?:

Anything that I created. I primarily use LR4, but I use PSCS5 for
cloning/healing and that sort of stuff. I don’t use other people’s
presets because I create my own and then batch edit. I also outsource
quite a bit of my editing to a company. Time = $, y’all! 🙂

you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?:

Celebrities AND their photographers. I’m a HUGE Annie Leibovitz fan and I
adore her interaction with certain celebrities. I long to have that
connection with my clients.

We want the good stuff here, so
don’t hold back. Tell us a story of something funny, embarrassing or
suspenseful that happened during a shoot.:

Normally, I take pride in my
sense of professionalism on the job, buuuut there have been a few times
where I put my foot in my mouth by asking groomsmen to take the items
out of their pockets, i.e. cell phones, keys, wallet. However, asking
them to “remove the bulge from their pants” is probably not the best
choice of words. EEEP!!

Ever split your pants or get injured
all in efforts to capture that special shot?:
No pant splitting or
injuries, but I have been known to stand on chairs at receptions to get a
cool angle.

If you were in a public area and everyone was
skipping instead of walking, would you join the fun?:
Maybe. Depends on
if I were carrying my gear. That stuff gets heavy!

What is
your current state of mind after completing this survey?:
Amused. This
was an adorably quaint little survey. 🙂 I love being prompted to think
about things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Interested in becoming a Kraft & Jute Featured Photographer?
Want to join the inspirational fun? Follow the instructions below!

  1. Fill out our fun-filled, informational, yet short interview questions by clicking here.
  2. E-mail
    product photos showing how you add your personal touch to your Kraft
    & Jute Packaging to: These photos will not
    only be used in the blog post, but they will help us decide which
    photographers to feature so the more creative you get the better!
  3. When featured, we will link the blog post back to your site and would love if you could link back to us as well!

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