Featured Photographer: Angela Hibbert Photography, Rochester Hills, MI

Angela Hibbert of Angela Hibbert Photography  contacted us with a new product idea to present to her clients, along with the rest of her Kraft & Jute Packaging, and the results of her cute corrugated notebook is nothing short of fabulous! Check out our interview with Angela below as well as her beautiful Kraft & Jute Packaging from her favorite packaging boutique! Thanks for sharing Angela!

Name: Angela Hibbert
Business Name: Angela Hibbert Photography
Email Address: angelahibbert@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.angelahibbertphotography.com

Where are you located?: Rochester Hills, Michigan

type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?:

I’ve been in business approximately 5 years but only in the last 3 years
was I strictly Newborns! I Love them, could smell them and cuddle them
all.day.long. But I’ve recently started really loving maternity
portraits as well, there is nothing like a beautiful mama and a sweet
doting daddy to be that light up talking about their baby that
completely melts my heart! Also for me it’s a  great opportunity to get
to build those client relationships before their newborn arrives. I also
photograph through babies first year and hope to offer family sessions
later this year as well!

When did you first join the Kraft
& Jute family?:
Just recently! For the last few months I’ve been
working with Kraft & Jute to pull the right look together for me! I
love their customer service and they did not disappoint!

do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging?
Anyone ever pass out? :):
haha! No one has passed out 🙂 The images
featured was my first clients pulled together look.
I’ve been sitting on this project for a really long time and finally put
it all together and delivered this package to my client just the other
day. The mom swooned over the stitched logo tag and commented on how
beautiful it all was.

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute
Packaging product that you can’t live without.:
corrugated products, the notebook I add to the top was a collaborative
effort with Kraft & Jute from an idea I had to just have something
handy for the newbie parents to just jot down a ‘quick happening or
first’ their baby did at the moment. They can then add to their special
book later. They may never want to use it but I hope they DO!

advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?:

I’ve been
learning and growing for a long time and all the advice is the same,
there is truth in all of it! But just recently a  wonderful group of
friends in the biz (N.L. and M.H. xo) who I’ve been corresponding with
for a couple of years now advised me to “just focus on you’ This has
recently been something I have started to say to myself when I need that
boost and clarity that I’ve started this path for the right reasons and
will continue to do so.

What is your most used Photoshop (or
Lightroom) tool, plug-in, or action set etc.?:
I’m strictly PS. I’m
scared that Adobe wants us all to convert, I don’t feel I need it. I
will of course fall into line with ‘cloud’ but if it ain’t broke… I
love Florabella actions but I have haze sets I love from a couple other
action makers I use very subtly on my work ( I will never tell 😉

you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?:

My son! I don’t feel I have the opportunity to shoot for me and my heart
(which is him) too often. He hates the camera and if I could be
invisible I feel I could really capture him.

We want the good
stuff here, so don’t hold back. Tell us a story of something funny,
embarrassing or suspenseful that happened during a shoot.:
The always
embarrassing pee or poo from the newborns, not too exciting but it’s
always a shocker when it happens. I have to turn and face my clients
and say well I guess I better change lol!

Ever split your
pants or get injured all in efforts to capture that special shot?:

lol! I wear pretty comfy clothing so nothing is splitting.

you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking,
would you join the fun?:
hmmmm have I had some wine? lol!

is your current state of mind after completing this survey?:
I don’t
love to talk about myself, it’s always felt awkward to me but I feel
blessed to be doing what I do and have been considered for a feature on
Kraft & Jute. Thank you so much!



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