Featured Photographer: Amelia J Moore – Nashville, TN

CAUTION! This weeks featured photographer is HIGHLY flammable. But only when candles interfere with her head full of curls while capturing an awesome shot. 🙂 Amelia Moore of Amelia J Moore Photography became friends with Jessica (creator of Kraft & Jute) while living in Nashville through Amelia’s husbands production company, Athentikos. Amelia has been with Kraft & Jute since we first opened and continues to be nice enough to act as our lab rat whenever we need a new product tested. When Amelia isn’t shooting photography, she works alongside her husband at Athentikos and together they have produced two films about slum and street life in Guatemala City. Oh…did we mention she was also the photographer for Kristin Cavallari (MTV’s reality show The Hills) and Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears Quarterback) wedding this past summer? Yeah…no big deal, right? Read below for our interview and product photos from Amelia as well as a list of the Kraft & Jute products seen in this post. Enjoy!

Name: Amelia Moore
Business Name: Amelia J Moore
Email Address: amelia@ameliajmoore.com
Website: www.ameliajmoore.com

Where are you located?: Nashville, TN

What type of photography do you shoot? How long you have been in business?: Seniors
(my FAV!), Weddings & Families. I have been in business 2 years full
time; but have been professionally shooting about 9 years.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: When they first opened their “doors”

What do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging?: I get several comments about my DVD
packaging!! They love it and probably think I put it together, SO THANK
YOU for making me look good! I also get compliments from the USPS gals
when I ship the small envelopes!

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute Packaging product that you can’t live without.: I love the DVD package. And I’m excited about the
album covers.

Best advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?: Decide what’s best for you, what you are drawn too
and your business model; and don’t try to copy someone else. Of course,
their experience can help or inspire you. But just because someone does
something a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s best for you. (examples: to
sell digital images or not; to diversify; to in-person sells, etc.)

What is your most used Photoshop (or Lightroom) tool, plug-in, or action set etc.?: Right now, I LOVE Paint-The-Moon Actions. I typically
only use 4-5 of the actions, but I LOVE THEM.

If you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?: Well, my
husband and I do documentary work (he’s a film producer with his
production company, Athentikos). We have produced two films about slum
and street life in Guatemala City. Ironically, I rarely get to take
photos because it can be dangerous and there’s already a few cameras
out. I would love the opportunity to do some more documentary work. But
on the flip side, it would be super fun to document and experience what
my kids do in school all day.

We want the good stuff here, so don’t hold back. Tell us a story of
something funny, embarrassing or suspenseful that happened during a
I caught my hair on fire. At a wedding. And ironically the bride
and a portion of her guests were hair stylists. Yep. Note to self and
others: always look behind you when you are photographing near candles.
My hair only ended up smoking. But after I broke down crying and ran out
of the house, the most embarrassing part was walking back into to the
venue that smelled burnt hair!

Ever split your pants or get injured all in efforts to capture that special shot?: See my above answer 😉

If you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking, would you join the fun?: YES!

What is your current state of mind after completing this survey?:
I’m smiling… but still contemplating the “invisible” answer (which I
ended up answering after this question)

Kraft & Jute Packaging Products Pictured Below:
Burlap USB/Wallet Pouch – Lined with sherpa
10×10 Burlap Album Cover
Kraft Single CD Sleeve – seen below with jute string & black circle tag
5×7 Kraft Print Sleeve


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