Featured Photographer: Wedding Photography by V. Opoku, London, England

The Kraft & Jute goodies ordered by this weeks featured photographer have to travel overseas before reaching the hands of this talented ol’ chap. V. Opoku of Wedding Photography by V. Opoku may be a newbie to the Kraft & Jute family, but the amount of love V has for our products make up for lost time! Read below for our interview and product photos from V. Opoku as well as a list of the Kraft & Jute products seen in this post. Enjoy!

Name: V. Opoku
Business Name: Wedding Photography by V. Opoku
Email Address: enquiries@vopoku.com
Website: http://www.vopoku.com

Where are you located?: London, England

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I
shoot weddings exclusively and have been doing so since 2010. However, I recently started documenting my travels and I am enjoying it so we will see how that goes.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: June 2013, I am a newborn.

What do your clients say when they see your Kraft & Jute Packaging? They love it! I
try to deliver the packaging in person when possible, as a result I get
to witness some of my clients reactions. I think I am one of the first
to offer such final product packing over here in London and to see a
smile across clients face when they receive their images is a lovely

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute Packaging product
that you can’t live without.:
This is  a hard one as I believe every
single product helps me to achieve my vision, but  since I have to pick,
it will have to be the disk printing. I think it looks amazing.

Best advice that you’ve been given in your photography career?: Be in it for the long term, its hard work!

is your most used Photoshop (or Lightroom) tool, plug-in, or action set
I use Lightroom for editing and I tend to create my own presets.
I have a few “stable” presets that I use as a starting point for most
of my work.

If you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?: A pride of lions! I would love to be able to document a pride of lions in the Serengeti for a day. I think that will be cool.

want the good stuff here, so don’t hold back. Tell us a story of
something funny, embarrassing or suspenseful that happened during a
Erm, I wasn’t shooting, I was on the other side of the lens this
time and in my attempt to jump over a fence, the back of my trousers
got caught. I had to make my way home with a big split at the back of my

Ever split your pants or get injured all in efforts
to capture that special shot?:
Not yet! But I spent a good 20mins or so
moving around in the Caribbean Sea during a couple’s portrait session
in Jamaica to create some images. I rolled up my trousers but it wasn’t
enough to prevent most of my trousers from getting wet. And guess what, I
went to the evening reception with my trousers still wet and they
didn’t mind, I think everybody was too busy enjoying the wedding. If I
had to, I would do it again, its not everyday that you get to create
images whilst knee-deep in the Caribbean Sea.

If you were in a
public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking, would you
join the fun?:
Absolutely, I love me some cardio.

What is your
current state of mind after completing this survey?:
You ladies are the
best, everything about Kraft & Jute is super cool. Excited to see
what the future holds for us 🙂

Kraft & Jute Products seen in this post: 
Presentation Box
Kraft Single Sleeve
Disc Printing
Presentation Packet


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