White Foil Stamped “Thank You!” on Kraft Circle Stickers

We are just in LOVE with these new stickers! For any of you who have received a special Kraft & Jute package in the mail lately, you may have noticed our Kraft & Jute logo in white foil on oval kraft stickers. These “Thank You!” stickers are similar, only a bit smaller and it’s a cute little circle. Since it’s foil stamped, you can feel the indentation of the letters. So luxurious! SO pretty. You’ll want to just keep running your fingers across the letters (like I do! I get distracted with simple things like that).

You can now purchase these white foil stamped “Thank You” stickers in our Packaging boutique! These are great for your thank you cards – or to stick on a gift bag or wrapped gift for your clients. You can use them for business or personal notes and letters.

We also offer personalized stickers! Your logo – in white foil stamped onto an oval or circle kraft sticker to match your branding? Yes, Please! Contact us today for more info!


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