Kraft & Jute Gets Makeover; Offers More Great Packaging Solutions!

We have learned a lot this past year; we tried out a new website that featured an online designer, making it easy to upload your artwork and instantly approve the design layout. However, the online designer proved to be more of a hassle than a help. There were so many issues with that website; functionality was limited and the support from the hosting site frustrated us to no end! Our questions went unanswered for days. Navigation was cumbersome and you couldn’t zoom in and see our products close up. These features were important to us and ultimately to you, so we’ve decided to change up a few things.

  • Our goal with this new website is to improve and simplify the way you shop at Kraft & Jute. We believe your shopping experience with us should not only be fun, but fast and easy. So you’ll find no designer, but instead an easy upload artwork button and then we’ll perform the layout magic.
  • The shopping cart allows you to zoom in and see our products up close and personal – we want you to see all the personal details that go into each of our hand-crafted goodies.
  • All three of the Kraft & Jute boutiques: Packaging, Wedding  & Home, are under one location. You can easily shop and order other fun Kraft & Jute products and check out in one easy shopping cart transaction.
  • The new site is mobile-friendly so you can easily shop while you’re on the go!
  • With the opening of the new site we are also introducing our new burlap and chevron colors! They can stand alone or pair up with other colors and textures for one cohesive feel. New colors available in all of our burlap and chevron products.

Kraft & Jute offers even more great packaging products!


Thanks for being a friend of Kraft & Jute, we are always looking for ways to make things simple and easier for you. Let us know what you think about the new site and the new product extensions and have a great New Year!

Jessica & Melisa

Co-creators of Kraft & Jute Jessica & Melisa
Co-creators of Kraft & Jute Jessica & Melisa

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