3 Tips for the Valentine’s Day Wedding Photographer

Valentine's Day photography tipsAre you preparing for a wedding shoot this weekend?  Love is in the air, and brides who have cherry-picked Valentine’s Day to say, “I do,” are deeply romantic, sensitive souls who are expecting the wedding-day photos to capture the sweet, sensual, heart-racing details of the entire event to a tee. This probably isn’t your first wedding gig, but if it’s the first time you’ve been invited to capture a Cupid’s union, then check out our tips to help you prepare.

1. Love is in the details. You’re used to snapping the rings, the flowers, the programs, but a Valentine’s Day bride has probably added extra red-and-white elements that provide great backdrops and subjects for photographers.  Scan the venue for heart candies, “love” banners, and pink-frosted cookies that can be incorporated into your creative poses.  Chances are, she’s wearing red heels under that gown and has heart-shaped diamonds in her ears. Capturing all those preplanned details will be important to her, and in addition find inspiration from the environment around you.  Heart-shaped clouds? Maybe!  If you don’t want to leave it up to fate, stash some Hershey’s kisses in your bag and bring along your own lovey-dovey confetti.

2. Get moody.  The scene is set: it’s a Valentine’s Day wedding, after all.  Romance is everywhere.  It’s your job to find it and capture it.  Experiment with the lighting to create sensual shots, and be ready to snap every kiss, batty eye, and come-hither look that presents itself. This wedding is going to be sexy, so don’t be too shy that you miss the passion that’s all around you. Don’t forget to use the architecture of the church, the happy couples in the audience, or the winter wonderland outside to encapsulate the attitude of the holiday.

3. Wrap up the love.  Get creative with your photography packaging to play on the couple’s theme, and take special note of the holiday when you’re writing a thank you note, editing the shots you took, and preparing the album.  Carrying out the Valentine’s Day treatment from event to followup will really impress the newlyweds.

Falling smack dab in the middle of National Wedding Month, February 14 might not be the busiest time of year for exchanging vows, but it can be extremely romantic.  Be honored your clients are trusting you to deliver the memories they’ll be swooning over for years to come.


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