Featured Photographer: Tammy Duncan of Antebellum Photography

Who knew pairing antlers, flowers, and kraft paper together were a match made in heaven? This weeks featured photographer, Tammy Duncan of Antebellum Photography, takes full advantage of enhancing her already awesome brand with our one of a kind packaging products. Find a short interview and product pics from Tammy below and see for yourself how she takes her brand to the next level with the help of her favorite Kraft & Jute products.

Name/Business Name: Tammy Duncan of Antebellum Photography
Email: info@antebellumphotography.com
Website: http://www.antebellumphotography.com

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute packaging product that you can’t live without.: The burlap print pouch. I gift every client 4×6 prints of their session and that is a great way to present them and also for the client to store them.

Best advice that you’ve ever been given in your photography career?: You don’t need to impress other photographers, they are not potential clients!

If you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?: I would love the follow Taylor Swift around. Her life and career are so fascinating to me!

Tell us a story of something funny, embarrassing, or suspenseful that happened during a shoot.: I was shooting a baby outdoors and she pooped on one of my props! I don’t shoot newborns so I’m not very good at handling them it was for a friend.

Ever split your pants or get injured all in effort to capture that special shot?: No thank goodness!

If you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking, would you join the fun?: YES!

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Kraft & Jute products pictured below:
Print pouch – natural burlap
Kraft Single CD Sleeve
Kraft Keepsake Box
Print Releases

DSC_5134copy copylogoDSC_5132copy copylogoDSC_5135copy copylogoDSC_5141copycopylogoDSC_5145copy copylogoDSC_5147copy copylogoDSC_5150copy copylogoDSC_5151copy copylogo


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