Spring Cleaning Tips for Photographers

The tulips are blooming, the sparrows are chirping, and the sunshine breathes new life into everything around us! This spring, dust off the cobwebs and get yourself organized and prepared for a successful photography season. Your packaging solutions can help reinforce your brand – and efficiency – before the sale, during the photo shoot, and post sale. Here are some tips for spring cleaning your photography business.

business card boxBEFORE THE SALE
Being organized is important for any business, and it will help save you time and energy in the long run if you find order and balance before the chaos of the busy photography season sets in. For example, take the time this spring to restock your inventory of stationery and envelopes, shipping labels and note cards, contracts and print releases, and your most-used photo packaging products. Devise a system for keeping track of your important paperwork, whether that’s storing in folders and filing cabinets or inside a scrapbooker’s tote.  A burlap pouch is perfect for receipt keeping, and did you know a box that holds wallet-sized pictures can also store your business cards neatly and conveniently? Take the time to focus on making your home or studio office as tidy as possible, which will help you stay ahead of the game as your booking calendar fills up.

We also recommend having a few “grab & go” consultation kits prepared for those last minute client meetings. Fill a burlap photos tote with a sample album and prints, along with a two-pocket folder pre-stuffed with your pricing sheet, contract, and print release forms. Toss in a small USB pouch filled with candies or other treats, so you always have a small token of appreciation on hand to thank new or potential clients. Your clients will be impressed that your pre-sale packaging has a look consistent with the stylish packaging in which you will be delivering their images. Go you!

In addition to having your gear ready to go, you probably have a photo shoot survival bag packed full of items designed to address any snafu that arises: tape, sewing kit, rain wear, blankets, screwdrivers, 3-to-2 prong electrical adapters, clear nail polish, straight pins, water bottles, and power bars. You should never leave home without a dozen or so business cards, and we have a great 9″ burlap pouch that will protect your iPad or tablet when you’re out and about.  Showing up on site organized and prepared will make you more confident, and your clients will take note of how you thought of everything!

Your photo packaging helps define who you are as a photographer, as a brand.  Whether you present your clients’ photos in the form of a flash drive, photo book, or loose prints, your packaging should have a consistent look across all media. Experiment with your packaging this spring so you know how your photography packages will be presented all season long. You will also want to add some coordinating note cards, so you can include branded thank yous in your post-sale routine. Take the time to devise a way to track your clients and send follow-up gifts to stay top-of-mind when they (or their network of friends) need a photographer in the future. Having your post-sale strategy in place now will make it easy for you to follow through with every client you book this season.


Share your spring cleaning successes with us by using hashtag #clutterfreepkg on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


What other spring cleaning tips have you found beneficial for your photography business?



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