How to deliver a USB drive with client photographs

In the digital age of photography, we all struggle with the best way to deliver our images to our clients.  One of the most popular delivery methods today is in the form of a USB or flash drive.  As more and more PCs and Macs are produced without a CD/DVD drive, the USB drive is a terrific alternative. USBs allow you to give your clients a tangible product that provides instant backup of their digital files. Available in many gigabyte sizes, as well as in bulk quantities, the USB drive itself can be branded with your photography business’s logo and is really easy to download to or upload from.

But don’t stop there. Handing your clients a USB or flash drive is tangible, but maybe not as memorable as it should be. Look at creating an emotional unveiling of their images by including the client’s USB or flash drive in its own package. At Kraft & Jute, we offer three naturally-inspired USB packaging solutions.

1. Corrugated USB box
Measuring 4″ X 3.25″ X 1″, this flash drive box can double as a business card holder, wallet-sized print box, or small gift box filled with treats for your clients. We include tissue paper inside and the jute string for tying closed.
USB box









USB box










2. Corrugated USB pillow box
The inside dimensions of this USB pillow box are 4″ X 4.5″, perfect for sending your clients a flash drive with all of their digital images! Include your logo on a hand-stitched card (optional), and enjoy the ease of packaging with the piece of kraft tissue paper (included).
pillow box for sending USB drive









pillow box for USB drive










3. Burlap USB pouch
Available in many colors, our burlap pouches offer a simple, yet stylish, way to deliver a client’s USB drive.
USB White Burlap Pouch







Striped USB pouches










Do you have a great way to deliver your picture-packed USB drives to clients?  Show us @KraftandJute on Instagram or Twitter!


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