Care Packages Aid Grieving Families | Emma’s Footprints

Post and photo courtesy of Emma’s Footprints

Care PackageEmma’s Footprints was founded to support families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. The organization’s goal is to provide compassionate guidance and resources as families embark on this difficult journey.

Emma’s Footprints was created in 2011 as a family team fundraising for the March of Dimes. The team walked in honor of Emma Kathryn Dailey, born into heaven on May 30, 2007.

Tracy Dailey was eight months pregnant when she had an unsettling feeling that something wasn’t quite right. She called her doctor who advised her to come in for a checkup. During the sonogram the doctor informed Tracy that there was no heartbeat and the baby had passed away.

Stories like this are all too common as many families must cope with pregnancy loss on a daily basis. For some families like the Dailey’s, the loss of a child is medically inexplicable and heartbreaking. For others, the reasons for the loss of an unborn child are clear but no less painful.

Since its inception, Emma’s Footprints has evolved into a non-profit organization and all money raised by the group assists families who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. Usually that means helping cover the cost of burial or cremation, or helping to pay for counseling so families can start the healing process.

Emma’s Footprints also offers care packages for those who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. Care packages can be sponsored for $50 and include a journal, a copy of the New Testament, an Alex and Ani bracelet with the baby’s initial, and a burlap pouch made by Kraft & Jute.

Here is a testimony from a mom who recently received an Emma care package:

“Thank you so much for the Emma’s Footprints care package and pamphlet.  That was so thoughtful of you!  Even though my loss was over a year ago and I’m now holding a healthy baby in my arms, it still brought me to tears.  Anything and everything that we’ve received in memory of Issac is so very special because those things are all we have to remember him.  What you guys are doing for those families is so awesome!  I’m so glad there’s people who recognize how much of an impact those little gifts mean to families facing loss.  Also, I LOVE how you have it all packaged!  So, so cute!  Thanks again for reaching out to me.  It really does mean a lot.”    -Esther – mom of Issac


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