New Presentation Kit is Simple, Beautiful Solution to Sales Presentation

june_promoWant to show up to every client meeting prepared and confident?  Our new presentation kit is designed to help you present your business and photography style in a simple, beautiful way at every new booking.  How easy would it be for you to prepare these kits in advance, so the next time the phone rings, you’re already ready to go?!

Presentation Kit Includes:

  • Personalized presentation box with tissue paper makes it easy to grab-and-go when you’re running out the door for a meeting
  • Personalized presentation packet holds your pricing information, contract, and photo release forms
  • Personalized 5×7 kraft print sleeve with jute and kraft tag lets you show off your quality of work with a photo sample wrapped in your own packaging
  • USB pouch in natural burlap is a great way to bring candy or treats for your soon-to-be clients to take home after the meeting
  • Personalized stitched note card is a great way to say thanks and follow-up after the booking session

You’ll be organized.  Your presentation will be branded and personalized.  Your client meetings will be consistent.  You’ll be memorable.  Your new clients will be impressed!

Present yourself, and help guarantee the sale. Stock up on your presentation kits today, and be sure to tweet us with hashtag #presentationkit to let us know how it’s working for you!


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