Ooh La Linen: New Feel for USB Pouches and Album Wraps

Kraft & Jute Linen Line_2Ooh la linen!  Simple. Beautiful. Yet oh so luxuriously elegant.

Our new linen collection features USB pouches, print pouches and album or canvas wraps in 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ for a new way to deliver your photography to clients.  By expanding our product offerings, we hope to appeal to more photographer brands – as well as provide you with new options for every occasion you shoot.

Available in white or charcoal, our linen products feature your choice of ribbon and inside lining for the added touch of beauty you’ll simply love. Accent the photo packaging with a flower or your own personal touch to really hone in on the details of the packaging.

Our new lining options include a delicate lace and a contemporary roman key, which offers a gender-neutral alternative.


The USB pouches are popular for delivering digital images on a flash drive.

USB photo packagingwhite USB pouchDarkGreyLinenUSB__24162.1405447887.1280.1280

The wraps are great for protecting albums, photo books, or canvas prints.

Kraft & Jute Linen Album WrapDarkGreyLinenAlbumWFLOWER__57408.1405447706.1280.1280Kraft & Jute Linen Album Wrap_1Tell us which linen is your fave with #linenlove @KraftandJute on Twitter or Instagram!


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