Earth Day 2015 – Thoughtful packaging that can be reused!

On April 22 we have the opportunity to come together and celebrate our environment. Earth Day began forty-five years ago with 20 million Americans protesting for a better environment and now it’s a worldwide concern. Here at Kraft and Jute, we pride ourselves in being ambassadors for a more sustainable, greener planet. One of our favorite earth-friendly products is our corrugated line of packaging created entirely of recycled materials. As always, any waste from our creative process is either reused, shredded for packing material, or donated to a local school or art class. In effort to keep the environment beautiful we also keep in mind the ability to reuse our products during the design process.

Here are 3 ideas for reusing our packaging in your business, home or to share with your clients:

1. USB pouches – they work great as a business card holder or even a lipstick pouch.  Now that’s crafty! EarthDay2015-2 EarthDay2015-7 1   2. Print pouch – great use as a gift bag! EarthDay2015-9 EarthDay2015-8 Print Pouch Gift Bags   3. Sola flower accessory – who says you only accessorize packaging, great as a natural hair clip. EarthDay2015-12OrangeFlowerbackScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.49.38 PMIt makes us feel good to know we are contributing to a better tomorrow by being thoughtful of today.  We have identified each one of our products and how it can contribute to helping the earth.  To learn more about each product look for the Earth Friendly Logo at the end of each listing.  It will tell you more about how that product can help us keep the earth just a little more beautiful!  You can find that information here. all4icons_aquaDon’t forget to be creative, share with your clients how they can reuse the awesome packaging from their photos. We’d love to hear how you are helping our planet this Earth Day, share your tips below!


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