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Name/Business Name: Valerie Jane Photography
Where are you located?: Mattoon, IL

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I shoot mostly nature, outdoorsy photos for families, newborns and couples. I love the natural elements and the way the sunsets look in my photos and against skin tones. I’ve been in business for a little over a year, I sort of hit the ground running!

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: I first joined the Kraft and Jute family when I was reading a Pretty Presets magazine about a year ago. It was talking about how important packaging is to my brand and to my clients. I agreed 110%!

Why do you feel that packaging is so important to your brand?: We are hand delivering memories, make those deliveries as beautiful as your packaging. My brand is so special and important to me as a photographer. I want my clients to to know I take pride in all of my work, start to finish.

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute packaging product that you can’t live without: I cannot live without print sleeves! Even for the smallest order from a client, I can make it look amazing.

Best advice that you’ve ever been given in your photography career?: Find your brand, love it, LIVE IT and your clients will love it just as much! It’s all about taking your time and taking pride in something you are creating.

If you and your camera were invisible for one day, what would you shoot?: I would want to take shots of my kids. Doing anything really, reading, playing outside, sleeping… It’s so hard to be involved and keep the camera rolling at the same time. But, those shots are so important to me! Maybe I just need to be sneaky & quiet! I have 3 boys (Damion-11, Jacob-9 & Gage-8) so there’s always something going on!

Tell us a story of something funny, embarrassing, or suspenseful that happened during a shoot.: Something funny… oh man, now I have to narrow it down! I took my sister and niece out for a “mommy and me promo”. My niece will be 2 in July and she is a little ball of laughs and energy! I was sitting back, taking candid shots and the little stinker kept eating rocks! I got a few shots of my sister digging the rocks out of her mouth, then she walked away. Finley, (my niece), scooped up another pile of rocks and tried chomping on those too! I got it all on camera. I probably should’ve helped, but I couldn’t stop laughing and shooting!

Ever split your pants or get injured all in effort to capture that special shot?: Not yet! Looking forward to it though, I’m sure that would lead to some great shots!

If you were in a public area and everyone was skipping instead of walking, would you join the fun?: Probably not. Haha! I’m not one to follow, and I also do not enjoy public. I’m more of a home-body, I keep to myself mostly.

Dandelion Coral Fabric Wrap


5×7 Brown Kraft Print Sleeve

Lets Connect!
Instagram: @vjp2016
Facebook: Valerie Jane Photography 

K&J Products shown:

Brown Kraft Print Sleeves
Dandelion Coral Fabric Wrap
Natural Burlap Wrap

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