3 Tips for Client Meetings

Welcome April! Be gone snow and cold. Here in Northwestern PA we’re finally starting to get nice weather, which means it’s time to meet with clients, book spring and summer sessions, talk to newly engaged brides, and get outside! Are you prepared for the new season?

A newly engage bride has just contacted you, she’s seen your work and followed you on every social media site out there (oh yeah!). She’s super stoked about your work and wants to meet with you and have coffee… Are you prepared to present yourself in that meeting?


  1. Prepare in advance!

    There’s nothing like getting to a meeting and running out of ink in your pen, or being at the end of your awesome notebook, or not having enough business cards, or samples . We all know the feeling, don’t let that be you! Show your client that you have things covered! This goes for having an extra set of materials and supplies for your client (like a notepad and pen…and maybe even one for her friend that she’s brought with her, surprise!). You’ll also want copies of your pricing and information sheets to keep on hand (can you say word-of-mouth, go tell all!).


  2. Keep it You!

    Stay true to you and your brand. Your presentation materials and clothing choices should be you.  That way the bride-to-be feels like she’s known you on and offline since forever.  Be sure that you are comfortable in what you wear, make sure it portrays your brand and the experience she’ll get with you, and you will be able to focus on why you are there.  Not only will this help you, but your client will feel more at ease.


  3. Presentation Materials

    How does your paperwork and marketing materials look overall? Make sure they’re not thrown together in a bag or briefcase. You won’t be able to find anything and your client won’t be very impressed. All your papers should have a “home”.  A folder or packet is one way to organize your pricing sheets, contracts, information, photos, etc. so you know right where they are. Your client will go home feeling organized and confident in YOU, and you’ll be more likely to close the sale! Check out our presentation tools – they are 10% off for the month of April.

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How else do you prepare for your client meetings? We would love to know!

If you’re interested in more tips & tricks for presenting your goodies?! Sign up here to be the first to know!



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