Bailey Warren Photography | Featured Photographer

“Let your creative out.”

Bailey Warren Photography

Rochester, Indiana 

What type of photography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: I shoot weddings and portrait photography with a lifestyle feel. I’ve been a business since May, 2013.

When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: March 1, 2016

What steps did you go through when creating your packaging? Any advice to photographers beginning to use packaging?: I knew I wanted my clients to feel special when they received a package from me, but just having a pretty presentation wasn’t enough. I wanted the packaging to represent my brand. I began by identifying a few key words that described my business and brand as a whole, then I sought out to find packaging that matched those key words as well. My packaging is still continuing to change and grow with me. My one piece of advice is to follow your gut. If you don’t love your packaging and it doesn’t feel like yours, then make changes until it does.

Why do you feel that packaging is so important to your brand?: When your consultations, sessions, and meetings are complete, your packaged images are the last thing you’re presenting to a client. It is the last interaction they are going to have with you, and it’s your last chance to leave a lasting impression. I feel that if you can wow them and over deliver on that aspect, you leave your client desiring more which will hopefully, in result, lead to a return customer in the future.

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute packaging product that you can’t live without.: I love the personalized print boxes, but I truly can’t live without the USB pouch. It’s simply adorable and serves as a great way for clients to store their USB.

Best advice that you’ve ever been given in your photography career?: A friend and fellow photographer told me recently, “Let your creative out.” I sometimes get so wrapped up in lighting, locations, posing, interactions, etc. that I forget to let my creativity and originality shine. It’s important not to lose those qualities because they will set you apart and make your work uniquely yours.

Bright White Print BoxGreen Chevron Flash Drive Pouch • Chocolate
Bright White Print Box (8×10)Green Chevron Flash Drive Pouch
Green Chevron Flash Drive Pouch + USB Flash Drive
Bright White Print Box (8×10)
Green Chevron Flash Drive PouchUSB Flash Drive (Walnut)


USB Flash Drive Pouches (Green Chevron)


DVD Printing + Brown Kraft Circle Tag
DVD Printing + Brown Kraft Circle Tag
DVD Printing

Kraft & Jute Products Shown:
USB Flash Drive (Walnut)
Bright White Print Box (Bailey used 8×10)
Green Chevron Flash Drive Pouch
DVD Printing
Brown Kraft Circle Tag

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