100 Day Challenge

It’s our 100 Day Challenge! Wondering what the heck is it? We’ve decided to challenge ourselves and to post new content to our social channels for 100 days! To be honest I’m already feeling a little daunted by the task.

But we know that to market the business, stay top of mind with our customers, share great new product ideas, and to help educate on the value of packaging as a marketing tool, we need to do this. Repetition and consistency are the keys to successful marketing.

So for the next 100 days we will embark on this adventure. And along the way we want to be transparent with you about the process in hopes that we’ll be able to share some great tips and tricks that you can use in your photography business.

Our goal is to:

  • to share what’s new at Kraft & Jute
  • encourage you to share what’s new at your studio / business with your following (and us, we’d love to see)
  • inspire creativity through the use of images and video of other great client packaging
  • get inspired from you to be creative (we’ve seen some of your images and they are awesome!)
  • pass along pieces of great marketing content that bring value

If any of this sounds like it might help you, follow along with us on this 100 day challenge! We’ll be using the hashtag #100DaysofKJ to track it!

Ready, Set, Go!




3 Ways Great Packaging Can Help Your Photography Business

A few months ago our friends at Light Inspired, posted a blog article on 3 WAYS GREAT PACKAGING CAN HELP YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS that we wrote for them.  Packaging of your products – whether they be digital delivery tools like USBs or discs, or print deliveries of albums, prints or canvas’ – need to be showcased.  The packaging and presentation of your work – in whatever form – speaks to your overall brand.  Don’t leave it to chance… create the image you want your clients and everyone they show to remember you.

If you missed the blog please take a few minutes to read it now.  You can find it here.


3 Ways Great Packaging Helps Build Your Photography Business


If you think this is the time to explore new packaging or update what you’ve currently been using, check out our current promotions at Kraft & Jute.


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Tell us how packaging has helped your business be different? Leave a reply below.